SIR-05A ārējais detektors

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SynyuWatcher SIR05 series is developed specially for Pet friendly purpose.

Alarm signal is output when Upper and Lower sensors detect objects simultaneously.

Detection range is adjustable between 2.5M - 12M with 6 Selectable positions.

Achieve a high detection sensitivity in the adoption of the mirrors

SCAA(Super Compound Analysis Algorithm)

SCAA is newly designed for Digitally controlled 2 sensors in the Vertical double stage with the horizontally shifted sensor

elements. SCAA plays an effective role for high detectivity and hight rejection ratio of false alarms.

Adjustable for the slope ground

●Wireless operation for SIR05RA

Wireless Transmitter of your system can be built in SIR05RA.

SIR05RA is designed as the low current consumption and it is enable to be powered by the battery.

● Mirror masking (Black mirror)

● LED indicator

● Pulse count

● External light filter

● Power save

● Tough design for Outdoor

● Anti masking

● Wall tamper(Option)

● Mounting to Wall or Pole

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